EEP can be the abbreviation of a lot of names, such as E* E* Partners, E* E* Partnership, E* E* Program, E* E* Project, E* E* Providers. The following is a list of some examples.

Erase Entire Program
Estimated Earning Potential
Event Exchange Program
Eisenbahn Exe Professionel
Electrical Engineering Portal
Early Entrance Program
Early Education Program
Enbridge Energy Partners
Embedded Event Processing
Eco Energy Points
Equal Error Protection
Epidemiology Elective Program
Ecosystem Enhancement Program
Endorsed Education Provider
Einstein Equivalence Principle
Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project
Engineering Entrepreneurs Program
Early Engagement Program
Early Enrollment Program
Ease eZ Publish
Energy and Environment Partnership
Enhancing Engineering Pathways
Environment economics and politics
Extended End Plate
Early Experience Program
Educate Empower Play
Educational Effectiveness Plan
Edwards Electronic Processing
Einstein Enrichment Program
Empirical Educator Project
Employee Education Program
Enbridge Egy Pt
Endemic Equilibrium Point
Endorsed Education Providers
Endorsed Educational Provider
Energy Efficiency Practitioner
Engineering Enrichment Program
Enviromental and Ecology Project
Environmental Exercise Physiology
EOSIO Enhancement Proposal
Era Eminent And Partner
Erlang Easy Profiling
Erlang Extension Proposal
European Exascale Projects
Export Enhancement Program
External Expertise and Partnerships
Extreme Environment Protection
East Euro Prop.
Energy and Environment Program